Traveling during the Qing Ming Festival, or the Clear Brightness Festival, when Chinese people remember and honor their ancestors by visiting their graves, was a real experience. All forms of transportation were packed with people carrying gorgeous bouquets of flowers. The Chinese travelers were extremely boisterous and loud. They talked non-stop and had to be told repeatedly to turn off their cell phones. The average Chinese cell phone ring tone could wake the dead! One of the passengers on our flight to Hangzhou took a picture of the flight attendant on his cell phone while she gave the safety announcement. As soon as the wheels of the plane touched the ground, the Chinese passengers began to get up, open the luggage compartments and crowd the aisles. The flight attendants were running frantically back and forth telling people to sit back down and shutting compartments. Then, as soon as we got to the gate, the passengers were instantly back up, crowding the aisles and rushing the door. The Chinese seem to always be in a hurry!


Friday, April 3rd - Tour of West Lake, Meijiawu Tea Plantation, Lingyin Temple and the Monastery of the Hidden Souls and Qinghefang Pedestrian Street


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