We took a three-hour train ride from Hangzhou to Suzhou. Ricky escorted us to our train, which was good because otherwise we would still be in China. The train station had a digital board that listed all the incoming and outgoing trains. Orange means the train is in route, green means the train is late, blinking red means the train is boarding and solid red means the train is leaving. T and K trains are express, Z trains are luxury and trains without letters take several days to reach their destinations! Thanks to the Qing Ming Festival, the train station in Suzhou was a mad house! Thousands of travelers impatiently pushed through one tiny turnstile to exit the station. Welcome to Suzhou!


Saturday, April 4th - The Humble Administrator's Garden, Grand Canal Tour by Boat, The Garden to Linger In, The Number One Silk Factory and the Pingjiang Lodge
Sunday, April 5th - Garden of the Master Nets


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